en The 12th Exhibition of Furniture and Homes Decoration http://www.en.ahvazfair.ir/news/news2  

The 12th Exhibition of Home Furniture has been held at the first day of the New Year from 1st to 5th of Jan 2018 at Khuzestan International Exhibition venue in Ahwaz. The event is one the biggest furniture exhibitions in Iran with many top brands participating in the event. 

Holding four specialized exhibitions simultaneously in Ahwaz http://www.en.ahvazfair.ir/news/news3 The Managing Director of Khouzestan International Exhibitions Company announced the holding of four specialized exhibitions simultaneously in Ahwaz.

Rahim Jalili, Managing Director of Khuzestan International Exhibitions, said in an interview with Mehr News Agency: At the end of this month, four specialized exhibitions will be held at Khuzestan international exhibitions venue in Ahwaz.

He added: "Specialty handicrafts exhibition will be held from 18 to 21 January 2018. Different programs shall be held at this exhibition with the goal of bringing joy and happiness, as well as the introduction of the capabilities of Khuzestan people.

Mr. Jalili emphasized: the specialized exhibition of mining and industries of the west of the country as well as the sports and sports’ equipments exhibition will be held on January 18 for 4 days in the same place. Exhibition of sports and sports equipment is held for the first time in the province.

He said the second specialized exhibition of medical equipment, dentistry, hospital, laboratory, pharmaceutical and rehabilitation services will be held on the same dates in Khorramshahr Hall.

Khuzestan Oil Exhibition http://www.en.ahvazfair.ir/news/khuzestan-oil-exhibition Khuzestan’s Specialized Oil, Gas, Refining, Petrochemical and Drilling exhibition shall be held from 22th to 25th of November 2018 in Khuzestan International Exhibitions Fairground in Ahwaz.